Riyadh Air collaborates with Accenture to enhance core technology capabilities.

Riyadh Air and Accenture have entered a three-year strategic partnership to advance the airline’s technology foundation, aligning with its ambition to become the world’s first digitally native airline. Accenture will assist Riyadh Air in establishing a cloud-centric infrastructure, enhancing cybersecurity capabilities, managing services, and overseeing operations in preparation for the airline’s upcoming launch.

This collaboration is poised to position Riyadh Air at the forefront of the aviation industry, ushering in a new era with digital services as its cornerstone. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies like cloud computing and artificial intelligence, Riyadh Air aims to deliver a seamless travel experience for both guests and employees. The implementation of a core enterprise system will enable scalability, with aspirations to offer more than 100 destinations by 2030.

Adam Boukadida, Riyadh Air’s Chief Financial Officer, emphasized the importance of Accenture as a strategic technology partner, highlighting their role in ensuring the airline’s operations and user experience are seamlessly supported. Emily Weiss, Senior Managing Director at Accenture and head of its global Travel practice, expressed pride in collaborating with Riyadh Air, emphasizing the significance of the airline’s innovative approach and the use of cutting-edge technologies to shape the future of travel.

Boukadida underscored Accenture’s pivotal role in Riyadh Air’s cloud-first strategy, emphasizing the construction of a future-proof, legacy-free technology stack with a focus on cybersecurity and automation from the outset.