Preventive Navigation Measures in the Red Sea by the CMA CGM Group

The CMA CGM Group stands deeply concerned by the series of recent attacks on commercial vessels unfolding in the Red Sea Region. In response to these escalating security threats, the company has proactively and decisively implemented enhanced preventive measures over the past few days. These measures aim to fortify the safety of both vessels and their dedicated crews navigating the challenging waters of the Red Sea.

Regrettably, the situation in the region is showing signs of further deterioration, intensifying the apprehension surrounding safety and security. Acknowledging the gravity of the circumstances, CMA CGM has taken a precautionary stance. The company has issued a directive instructing all CMA CGM containerships in the affected area, scheduled to traverse the Red Sea, to promptly seek safe anchorages and suspend their journeys in secure waters with immediate effect.

This temporary pause in operations is deemed necessary until further notice, as the company prioritizes the welfare of its maritime assets and personnel. CMA CGM remains resolute in its commitment to the safety and security of its operations and is actively monitoring the situation to take any additional measures deemed essential. Throughout this challenging period, the company assures its customers that every effort is being made to preserve transportation services, and all requisite steps are being taken to adapt to the evolving circumstances in the region.