APM Terminals and DP World Unveil Zero Emission Port Alliance during COP28

APM Terminals and DP World have jointly introduced the Zero Emission Port Alliance (ZEPA), a collaborative initiative aimed at expediting the transition to zero emissions for container handling equipment (CHE) at ports. Open to terminal operators, OEMs, port authorities, and government entities, ZEPA will commence its operations in early 2024.

During the COP28 announcement, APM Terminals and DP World highlighted ZEPA’s objective to enhance the industry-wide adoption of battery-electric CHE and drive further emissions reductions across ports. The alliance is rooted in research presented in an October 2023 white paper commissioned by APM Terminals and DP World.

DP World has also joined the First Movers Coalition to decarbonize shipping. The study in the white paper reveals that battery-electric CHE can become as or more competitive than diesel CHE as affordability, attractiveness, and accessibility improve. This transition could occur within the next 2-8 years with concerted efforts from the entire port ecosystem.

ZEPA’s work focuses on four key objectives:

  1. Encourage increased production capacity of battery-electric CHE and reduce product costs.
  2. Lower the cost of batteries and charging solutions, simplify implementation, and enhance equipment interoperability.
  3. Ensure readiness of terminal operators and grid infrastructure for battery-electric CHE and shore power rollout.
  4. Establish favorable conditions for implementing zero-emission fleets and accelerate the adoption of zero-emission CHE.

Members of ZEPA will contribute to the work program based on their practical experiences and needs, thereby accelerating the availability of affordable battery-electric CHE. Interested parties are encouraged to review the white paper findings and express their interest in ZEPA membership by contacting zepalliance@systemiq.earth.

ZEPA operates in compliance with antitrust/competition laws and aims to maintain transparency about its activities. Key findings will be accessible to the entire industry. Jack Craig, Global Head of Technical at APM Terminals, expressed optimism about ZEPA’s potential to drive meaningful change, emphasizing its significance in collective decarbonization efforts across the port industry. Tiemen Meester, COO of Ports & Terminals at DP World, underscored the need for industry-wide action to achieve globally applicable, affordable, and attractive battery-electric CHE, expressing confidence in ZEPA’s ability to facilitate tangible short-term actions toward port electrification.