Hyundai Motor and The Beeah Group have signed an agreement to conduct trials for the country’s inaugural hydrogen truck.

BEEAH pioneers sustainability and digitalization in the Middle East, integrating innovations for zero-waste, waste-to-energy, and net-zero solutions. In line with the UAE’s hydrogen strategy, BEEAH is exploring hydrogen fuel vehicles for its fleet operations. Hyundai Motor and BEEAH collaborate on a fuel cell electric truck demonstration project in Sharjah and Dubai. The project involves testing Hyundai’s XCIENT Fuel Cell truck in real-world conditions, aiming to replace traditional internal combustion engine truck fleets.

The XCIENT Fuel Cell, the world’s first mass-produced fuel cell electric heavy-duty truck, is part of Hyundai’s 25-year focus on hydrogen. It features a 6×2 cargo truck with two 90 kW hydrogen fuel cell systems, a 350 kW e-motor, a maximum weight of 42,000 kg, and a range of over 400 km per charge. Hyundai’s hydrogen initiatives span various sectors globally, including passenger and commercial vehicles, marine vessels, aerospace applications, and power generation.

Mark Freymueller, Senior Vice President at Hyundai Motor Company, expresses excitement about the partnership, while Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of BEEAH, sees hydrogen as a promising alternative for achieving zero-emissions transport networks and net-zero targets. BEEAH, known for sustainable waste management, aims to further support regional sustainability targets through hydrogen adoption.

The UAE’s “National Hydrogen Strategy 2050” aligns with COP28 goals, positioning the country as a hydrogen producer and supplier by 2031. The strategy anticipates a demand of 2.7 million tons of low-carbon hydrogen per year by 2031, with hydrogen mobility being a significant off-taker. Hyundai Motor has been actively contributing to the energy transition in the Middle East, exemplified by exporting fuel cell buses and trucks to Saudi Arabia in 2020 and engaging in feasibility tests and public-private partnerships for a hydrogen economy.